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BOGOSSBOOK 4 IS HERE! Le Bogossbook 4 est arrivé!

The book has finally arrived! And it's a BEAUTY.

Le livre est enfin arrivé! Et c'est une BEAUTÉ.

If you want to order the book, go to the Bogossbook shop here:

Si vous souhaitez acheter le livre, allez sur le shop de Bogossbook ici:

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Ricardo Ruiz
Ricardo Ruiz
Apr 14, 2023

Hello. My name is Ricardo Ruiz and I been trying to reach you regarding my missing Bogossbook Vol.4 which I purchased through Kickstarter (backer #195). The book was due in February and we are already in April, yet I haven’t received my book. I purchased your previous three volume, so I hope to receive the latest one soon. Please contact me ASA.


Claudio Lumia
Claudio Lumia
Apr 01, 2023

Hi! I have a question.

On 21 March 2023 I purchased the book from the official website (Order No. 11067), choosing Mondial Relay home delivery as the shipping method.

The payment was successful, and I received your mail with the confirmation of the purchase, but a week has already passed without having any news of the shipment.

Are there problems with the purchase?

Thanks for the attention.


Kenneth Sherrill
Kenneth Sherrill
Feb 09, 2023

When will I receive my copy ofBogossbook 4?

Ken Sherrill

Replying to

Hi Ken,

The books are being sent out as we speak; we have received them yesterday and we are now sending them all to all the contributors. We have approx. 600 parcels to send and we are sending as many as possible each day until they are all sent out.



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