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Bogossbook 4 is now on Kickstarter!

The new Bogossbook volume 4 is now available on Kickstarter! This fourth hardcover volume collects superb male illustrations from over 80 artists from around the world! Click here to see this new campaign:

The book show everyday sexy scenes of beautiful men of all types, ages, color... everyone is welcome in the Bogossbook! It's a celebration of male bodies, from musclemen to twinks to bears... The art is very sexy but not pornographic, so the book is suited to everyone. So click here to see more:

Here are some images from the book:

You will even have the opportunity to order the WHOLE COLLECTION of Bogossbooks if you wish!

So check the link out to learn more about the Bogossbook volume 4 and all the other books:

The campaign ends on November 13th! So don't delay, check it out now!

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