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Santa Frances V.1 in ENGLISH

Love is hard and sex is easy... but what happens when sex gets hard too?

After moving to Santa Frances to start a new job, Cobb, 29, quickly finds himself enthralled in a complicated web of relationships in a city filled to the brim with sexy queer men, starting with his roommate, the intriguing Lee, for whom he falls immediately, his boss Hoss, hopeless romantic, and his neighbor Martín, in love with the wrong guy. From inappropriate crushes to drunken night outs, to memories of formative past relationships and visits to nude beaches, Santa Frances feels relatable and accurate without sacrificing the

comedy and the drama, and above all, the very (very) sexy times that punctuate the lives of young gay men.

Here is the completely uncensored version of the first episodes of Jean Frédéric Koné’s hit gay webcomic, finally available in this ultimate printed version, with an exclusive 20 pages fully-colored episode!

For mature readers 18+

With a foreword by Justin Hall.

Hardcover book, 184 pages, 21 x 18 x 1.5cm

Santa Frances V.1 ENGLISH

25,00 €Price
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