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Santa Frances V.2 in ENGLISH

This situation is about to get a lot hairier...

As summer arrives in the city, Cobb, 29, tries to move on from his relationship with his East-Coast ex Ramsey by entering the Santa Frances dating scene with very mixed results. Of course, it doesn’t help that he’s still harboring feelings for his roommate Lee, just like their cute cub neighbor Martín, who seeks a connection in one of the most iconic gay cruising spaces ; the bathhouse.

As for Hoss, his plans to spend a chill 4th of July weekend with his friends is hijacked by an important figure from his past ; his ex-fiancé Rex.

While as sexy and funny as ever, this new volume explores some less glorious aspects of the gay community through the eyes of our favorite group of guys.

This volume collects episodes 11 - fully in color for the first time - to 20 of Jean Frédéric Koné’s hit gay webcomic !

For mature readers 18+

With a foreword by Ed Luce.

Hardcover book, 200 pages, 21 x 18 x 1.5cm

Santa Frances V.2 ENGLISH

25,00 €Price
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