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SANTA FRANCES: the new bara manga! Hot guys, explicit sex, great stories!

Hi Everyone, as you may already know, I have launched the Kickstarter of Santa Frances with its creator, Jean-Frédéric Koné: you can see this project here:

SANTA FRANCES is a hardcover graphic novel of over 160 pages brilliantly written and drawn by artist Jean-Frederic Koné, based on his hit webcomic series (check the page on Instagram). It compiles the first 10 episodes of the series, in their full uncensored version which was only available on Patreon so far, with updated pages and extra material. The comics is mainly in black and white, with many bonus pages in color (original covers, pin-ups and more), and a foreword penned by cartoonist Justin Hall (No Straight Lines).

Disclaimer: This project contains mature content not suitable for minors or persons under the age of 18.


After moving to Santa Frances to start a new job, Cobb, a shy gay guy, quickly finds himself enthralled in a complicated web of relationships in a city filled to the brim with sexy queer men, starting with his intriguing roommate Lee for whom he falls almost immediately. But if they say love is hard and sex is easy, what happens when sex gets hard too ?

So check this project out now! Click here:

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